Our Responsibility to Create Sustainable Living

On August 9, 2021, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered its latest report on the status of global climate change. The results were far from surprising and clearly illustrated an already well-taught lesson to the world’s population – that the time for both personal and global sustainability is today. Experts predict that if we don’t change our ways soon, we’ll continue to see extreme weather events such as forest fires, floods, and droughts on a more severe scale as temperatures continue to increase.  

While the report can seem grim, the good news is that we live in a time where we are able to predict our future so precisely and, in turn, make changes for good. Here are a few ways in which you can work on sustainability for yourself, your business, and the planet as a whole.

  1. Encourage your household to “go green”

If you aren’t already implementing sustainable actions around your household, there are a couple of changes you can make today. If you don’t currently recycle, you can use this tool to find a recycling center near you. You can also take simple actions such as switching to digital instead of print files, turning your computer off when you aren’t using it, and switching the lights off when you aren’t home.

  • Implement sustainable practices around the office

The same small changes that you make at home can also go a long way in the office setting. Connect with your co-workers to start a “green team” and provide fun incentives like gift cards for employees that go the extra mile to recycle, conserve energy, and reduce office waste. You can even invite in speakers for special events that provide additional knowledge, tips, and tricks to be more sustainable both personally and in the professional setting.

  • Contact your lawmakers for change

While sustainability on a personal and local level is important, it is also imperative that we all look for ways to make larger scale changes around the world. The Sierra Club website has helpful tools and templates to contact your local government representatives and urge them to support sustainability initiatives today!

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